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The Generals Appreciate our Sponsors! They would appreciate your support.

Interested in becoming a sponsor, email us!

Sponsored by Rip Shot Lacrosse

Rip Shot Lacrosse

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Rip Shot Lacrosse provides custom lacrosse stringing for both men and women's sticks.  You choose the pocket location that is right for you, then select your preferred mesh, sidewall string color, and shooting string colors.  

Sponsored by Mojo's Tacos

Mojo's Tacos

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Mojo's Tacos is locally owned and operated, and proud support the Generals on their march to Victory this season!

Sponsored by TBH Advisors

TBH Advisors

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TBH Advisors is a boutique Financial Planning and Advisory firm helping Family Offices, Individuals, Trusts, and other entities manage and prepare for their/its financial future.  Whether it's lacrosse or retirement preparation and planning will produce superior results.